You will always receive a warm welcome at Bamboo Garden's Restaurant and Bar. We have a great selection of local and imported beers, spirits and wines, as well as delicious fresh fruit smoothies and shakes. 


Even during a power cut our generator will always be ready to keep the fridge working and the beer cold!


The restaurant opens from 8am to 7pm, so you can stop in for a meal or light bite at any time of the day. Our menu consists of local and western dishes that are all freshly prepared by our talented local chefs. 


We don't have the luxury of buying many ready made products on the island, so nearly all our dishes are home made from scratch, including our 100% beef burgers and indulgent pizzas.


If you would like to sample some more of the 'exotic' tastes of The Philippines, let our staff know and they will bring you some local delicacies to try. 

Bamboo Garden Restaurant

Sample Menu

Just a selection of the many dishes at Bamboo Garden's Restaurant. The prices and available dishes may vary in different seasons.

All Day English Breakfast

Pancakes with Syrup

French fries with homemade Mayo

Chicken Wings

Chicken Pancit

100% Beef Bacon & Egg Burger

Ham & cheese Panini

Island Veggie Pizza

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Experience the peace and tranquility that Siargao Island has to offer @Bamboo Garden, Pacifico. Check out the vibes ... 


Whether you are visiting the island to surf the world class waves, explore the caves, snorkel the emerald waters or to just simply sit, relax and unwind, Bamboo Garden provides the perfect tropical escape for all.


Located on the eastern side of the island, just past Pacifico surfing village, we offer idyllic, affordable cottages. Have a look at Rooms & Rates for more information and booking enquiries.


For those only passing through, please stop in for a hot or cold drink from the bar or try one of the delicious meals available @our restaurant.









We serve Filipino and Western dishes, including homemade burgers, fresh pizzas and a variety of sandwiches. Check out our Sample Menu. There is free Wi-Fi available for all guests and customers to use.

  About Siargao


  • The island is located in the Surigao del Norte province and is around 800 Km southeast of Manila.

  • It has a land area of approximately 437km.

  • There around 200,000 residents on the Island.

  • The main religion is Roman Catholic.

  • The locals speak Surigaonon, but a lot of people on the Island also speak good English.

  • Siargao is home to the tarsier; one of the world's smallest primates. These tiny nocturnal creatures are facing extinction so you are unlikely to see them but if you are lucky enough to spot one be careful not to disturb it, as the stress of human interaction can cause the tarsier to commit suicide. Strange but true!

  • Siargao has a tropical average temperature of 30°C.  

  • The rainy season is from December to February and during this time, despite still being warm, there will be occasional heavy rain showers and strong winds.

  • The island may experience typhoons throughout the year, although most pass by relatively safely causing little or no damage. In the event of a typhoon the staff at Bamboo Garden will give you instructions on how to stay safe.

Rooms & Rates

Budget Accommodation, Siargao Island

Our beach cottages are only a few metres from the beautiful white sand.

Choose from a romantic double cottage or our larger family beach house.


Surfing cloud 9, pacifico

Explore lagoons, snorkel in amazing rock pools and surf world class waves.

There are endless activities on the island for both wave hunters and non-surfers.


Where is Siargao Island

Information on getting to Siargao Island by plane, ferry or bus and how to get to Bamboo Garden once you arrive on the island with a map of our location.

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