Siargao is well known for its fantastic waves and attracts surfers of all levels from around the globe. Don’t worry though if you are not a surfer, as there is definitely more to this island than waves.


It is a great place to explore with many beautiful snorkelling reefs, lagoons, cliffs, white sandy beaches, caves, mangrove forests, rice paddies, waterfalls and large expanses of jungle. Below are just a few of the activities that you can do while on the island.


Things to do in Siargao

At Bamboo Garden

The crystal waters lapping the resort's beach cover a reef that is teeming with marine life and makes for perfect snorkelling conditions on the high tide. 


Usually there here are also some surfable waves right out front.


Game fishing

If you are after a fun day on the water, with a chance of reeling in a 300lb sailfish, tuna or variety of other big fish then hop on a half day or full day game fishing boat. We can organize this for you so if you'd like to book a trip just let us know. Prices start from around ₱8,000 per boat/day. 




Pacifico, one of the island’s best waves, is just a 10 minute walk along the beach from Bamboo Garden. On its day this is a reeling left hander that provides a long and perfect ride.


Although there is surf all year round, the best time to score epic waves on Siargao is between September and December.


During the wet season that starts in December, the strong winds become mainly onshore and a lot of places become un-surfable. However there will still be some uncrowded secret spots with offshore winds that we can direct you to.


During February and March the surf will start to get smaller and can sometimes be flat, but there will still be plenty of good day up until the good season kicks in again around August time.


There are a few well known places on the island, but speak to us when you arrive for more information about some hidden gems.


The islands most well-known waves are better for more experienced surfers as they are over sharp reef and rocks, so falling off is not recommended! That said, there are many spots on the island that are beginner friendly and there are also surf schools.

Surfing siargao, Daku Island

Surf trip to Daku Island

Although there are several great breaks around the island, it is an experience in itself to take a boat trip out to Daku Island. This fun mellow wave is great for longboards and also those who don’t have a lot of experience. You can take a boat from the pier in General Luna, usually early in the morning and get to spend a fun few hours surfing away.


The trip is a reasonable price, from around ₱200 per person. There are also other island’s that can be surfed if you are looking for a more challenging wave.


Del Carmen Mangrove Swamp Boat Tour

Siargao has the largest mangrove forest reserves in the Mindanao region. These mangroves are an eco-system that is home to much wildlife, including crocodiles.


Del Carmen Siargao

The Philippines are actually home to some of the largest crocodiles found on earth and if you are lucky you might get to spot one of the creatures on the boat tour.



Sugba Lagoon


You can reach the lagoon by taking a motorized boat for 30 minutes from Del Carmen. The lagoon is surrounded by large limestone hills that are covered in a variety of fauna and flora. The waters in the lagoon are filled with marine life and the crystal clear waters make for perfect for snorkelling.


There is a large Filipino rest house built on the lagoon, that can be used by anybody for a small fee. This makes for a great place to hang out and relax and to cook some food. It is also provides an excellent jumping platform.



Magpupungko Rock Pools

These spectacular pools are only a 15 minute drive from Bamboo Garden and well worth a visit. The turn off is well sign posted and it will cost you only ₱50 each to get access to the beach.


When the tide goes out, deep, clear, emerald blue pools are left that are just a short walk from the entrance. They are perfect to jump into from the surrounding rocks, or to snorkel around in to see the many sea urchins that have made a home under the rocks, different varieties of fish that are left trapped in the pools until the tide rises again and the interesting rock and coral formations.


Make sure you visit no more than an hour either side of low tide, as the pools are only accessible at these times.



Magpupungko Siargao
Naked Island, Daku Island, Guyam Island, Island hopping Siargao

Island Hopping

Siargao is surrounded by many small islands and islets. You can visit a few of these on an island hopping day tour. The day tours normally include a stop at Naked Island, Guyam Island and Daku Island. Prices will vary as some tours include entrance fees and lunch, but for others you just pay for the boat with everything else as optional extras. 


If you are lucky you might even catch a glimpse of a magnificent whale shark from the boat as they are found in the waters around the islands.




Siargao has just one golf course open to the public that is found beneath Villa Maya Resort. This par-three golf course with nine holes (the longest being 145m) has only five greens and is open year round. Make sure you book a place in advance as only one group can play at a time and if they play a full 18, there will only be limited tee times each day.